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Learn to Break the Cycle of Toxic Relationship Habits and Develop R.E.A.L Relationships – Understand how relationships work from a spiritual and psychological perspective and why you have been repeating the same pattern in some of your relationships again and again. Learn how to break that cycle! 

Learn to Decode Your Body’s Wisdom- Tight shoulders can indicate too much responsibility that doesn’t belong to you. Pain in the back can mean a lack of support and stability. Sciatic pain may be telling you that someone is in opposition of you. These are just a few ways in which the body speaks to us. Come find out what your body is trying to tell you.

Learn to Become the Master of Your E-Motions- E-motions can be overwhelming. They can run your life if you don’t know how to take command of them. Feelings are a natural part of the human condition but intense emotions can wreak havoc if they are not directed and disciplined. Learn how to instantly neutralize emotions and take command of your life!

3 Steps to Manifesting That Perfect Partner– 5 5 5 is the key number to manifesting that perfect partner. If you’ve struggled with finding that special someone to share your life with, or if you are already partnered but long for more in your relationship, don’t miss this free class! You will walk away with a new understanding of why your partner(s) have not been showing up and how to change that!

Learn a Powerful Brain Training Technique with Instant Results- The ThetaHealing Technique® is simple to learn and easy to apply to instantly shift what no longer serves you. Learn how this works and why you need to learn this powerful way of consciously creating your world.

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