Meet Brandy

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Brandy’s journey began at the age of nine when depression, allergies, and chronic fatigue interrupted her childhood after the divorce of her parents. The struggles continued for 30 years until 1998 when Brandy began practicing Yoga and meditation. Those practices brought about profound changes in Brandy’s life and they became her spring boards for self-understanding and healing. Inspired by those changes, she became a yoga therapy and meditation teacher in 2000 and taught in corporations, schools, and assisted living facilities in Houston and surrounding area.

Brandy understands that mindset, healthy food, and energy medicine are the keys for deeper understanding and instant transformation. 15 years of mental and physical training through yoga and meditation, 8 years of Spiritual training at the University of Metaphysical Science, and 26 years of holistic health training has empowered her to develop her own gift of channeled guidance and instant transformation. Brandy’s life passion is teaching her clients who struggle with confusion, anxiety, and “unbreakable” habits to have clarity, peace of mind, and spot-on intuition so that they can live a long life with vibrant health!