Date: January 13, 2018 | Start: 6:30 pm | End: 10:00 pm

515 Heidrich St.

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January 13, 2018

Manifesting Your Dreams Party

Nothing like this has existed until now! We are going to support each other in co-creating and holding space for our DREAMS. Here’s how we are going to do it:

This event is FREE and is an experiment in mass, conscious co-creation. You have been invited because I believe in your POWER to manifest and hold vision for others.

Bring a photo or clipping of a representation of your dream. We will create a mass vision board with what everyone brings.

Everyone will introduce themselves and complete a sentence stem. Something like: “I am here because…”

Everyone will have some time to share, in as much detail as possible, their dream. The group will have some time to ask specific questions about each dream shared. Including, what might be in the way or what has been in the way of ACTUALIZING that dream.

With ThetaHealing we will remove, replace, reprogram any beliefs, thoughts, or emotions that are in the way of moving forward with that dream.

All those in attendance are witnesses to the vision each person has. By whatever means each of us has for assisting, holding space for, supporting, and/or manifesting, we will do that for each other. This is an individual expression and can consist of healing, prayer, or meditation, just to name a few.

Brandy will keep safe and sacred the mass vision board created by the group and in 6 months, the group will reconvene to share their journey since the party.

Be prepared to dig a bit deeper into your subconscious and to share with the group why you believe in this dream.

Food and drink will be available for all who attend and participate. Dress is casual. Don’t forget to bring a photo or clipping of a representation of your dream!

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