Date: January 8, 2018 | Start: 6:30 pm | End: 9:00 pm

Spectrum Center at The Preserve
2060 North Loop West, Suite 205
Houston, TX 77018

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January 8, 2018

Intuitive Development and Support Group

Intuitive skills can be learned! If your efforts to hone your intuitive skills have been less than fruitful, you may be lacking an INTUITIVE SUPPORT GROUP. An Intuitive Support Group gathers to learn and support it’s members through deep connection, giving feedback and encouragement, and holding each other accountable.

Every gathering you will experience:

  • meditations to deepen your connection to Higher Self
  • intuitive games and partner exercises to hone your skills
  • various healing practices to “get out of your own way”
  • community building and networking opportunities

In addition, these bonuses are included in your membership:

  • practice partner(s) and assingments outside of the group
  • private Facebook group
  • bonus videos and articles with tips for intuitive development


Intuitive Development and Support Group