Date: September 30, 2018 | Start: 1:00 pm | End: 4:00 pm

515 Heidrich St.


September 30, 2018

Intuitive Photo Reading Class

Intuitive photo reading is the skill of gathering information about a person, location, or object from an image.
Images hold a great deal of information. Everyone has the ability to tap into this information with the proper understanding and training of how intuition works.
This class is an introduction to how to use the intuitive skills you already possess to know more about a person, place, or object in images.
Intuitive photo reading can help you determine:
  • If someone has malicious intent.
  • If a house or land has paranormal activity.
  • If someone’s energy is beneficial or non-beneficial.
  • If a home or building is in need of repair.
  • If investing in a person or business will be beneficial.
No prior knowledge or understanding of intuition is necessary to attend.

Bring photos for others to read and practice.

Investment: $57

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