Date: February 21, 2018 | Start: 7:00 pm | End: 9:00 pm

683 Heights Blvd.

Houston, TX 77077

February 21, 2018

Clearing Beliefs About Gender Identity and Social Norms

If you have more questions than answers and more beliefs than you could possibly explore alone regarding gender identity and social norms, this is the meet up for you! Here is your chance to diver deeper into the unknown world of your subconscious and find out what you really believe about your gender identity and how we are “supposed to” show up. Too long has this subject been taboo or too embarrassing to bring up.

Shelley Roth will be our guest speaker for this meet up. I rarely invite anyone to speak at our meetups but I felt that this subject matter is beyond my scope of knowledge and wanted to bring in an expert to expound.

Shelley Roth is an entrepreneur, social media trainer, speaker, consultant and author helping organizations and teams improve marketing effectiveness, sales results and growth. Springboard’s methodologies and services are based on over 25 years of successful business development, sales and educational leadership working with individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. Shelley’s ability to inspire and empower students, partners, affiliates and clients is recognized by all those that she works with.

With Shelley’s 4th published book, “Don’t Call Me Ma’am (,” Shelley gets personal and shares the story of growing up as a transgender person with organizations and business leaders who are seeking more knowledge, compassion and understanding.

After Shelley shares her story with us, we will explore our beliefs and shift those that limit us from our fullest potential.

There is no charge for this meet up but if you decided to donate to Shelley’s charity, Association for Family and Community Integrity, please bring a contribution.

Thank you in advance for your support!