July 25, 2017

Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Fears Manifested!

Our fears manifest themselves in 3 main ways: FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE.

In the fight mode, fear takes on a companion called Anger. Anger, frustration, agitation, aggravation, aggression are all fueled and justified when we are fearful. These cause us to lash out to protect ourselves. It’s a reactive coping strategy and teaches us to mistrust and constantly hurt the ones we love.

In flight mode, denial is fear’s friend. Neglect, abandon, procrastination, apathy, and distraction make it easy to turn away from what we fear and become preoccupied with things, people, activities other than what we fear.  We run, we hide, and we cower. This is a passive coping strategy and keeps us running away from others and ourselves our entire lives.

In freeze mode, we get ourselves “stuck”. Confusion, indecisiveness, chaotic mindset, and past experiences keep us stuck. Fear of making the wrong decision, fear of negative consequences, fear of embarrassment, fear of rejection and so much more keeps us from making a move or decision in ANY direction. This is how we get “stuck”, we tell ourselves stories about what might happen and stay stuck. This is a no-go coping strategy and gets us absolutely no where. 

All these strategies may have served us well at one time or another but now, we can be fearless. We can be present, vulnerable, and brave as we walk through fear without the use of antiquated strategies that don’t take us where we really want to be.

A client came to me wanting to get off her anxiety medication which she had taken for many years of her life. Of course, I told her to consult her doctor before ever changing or getting off medication but I also told her that we could release a great deal of her fear and anxiety with ThetaHealing. After 3 months, she reduced her medication and 2 months later, she was completely off. I never advise anyone to get off medication. I DO educate and co-create shifts in consciousness so that my clients feel empowered to make the best decisions for them.

Be fearless, my friends.