June 20, 2017

The Gift of Divine Feminine Power

A student said to me recently, “I know I’m just learning how to use these special gifts.”She was referring to intuition and spiritual teachings to uncover the truths about who she really is, after suppressing aspects of herself most of her life.

It occurred to me however that we don’t HAVE gifts. We ARE gifts. What we have are tools or “permission slips” as my teacher, Bashar might put it. We have tools that we can use to tap into our ultimate power of creation.

I saw the movie Wonder Woman yesterday. **SPOILER ALERT** The scene that was most impactful for me was when Diana stepped out onto the battlefield in full-on power to take on Nazi fire so that she could help the people in a small town German troops had occupied. In that display of Divine Feminine Power, I heard “that is you and that is every woman and man when they are in their power”.  It brought tears to my eyes. My body felt that truth and I embraced it.

Taking on enemy fire is a wonderful metaphor for how we live our lives everyday taking on emotional, mental, social, and financial challenges. Deflecting negativity, using our lasso of truth to stay in authenticity, and wielding our sword of honor to cut down the shadow of ego and fear within us. Once Diana and her troops got to the town and conquered the Nazi troops there, everyone celebrated. They were no longer oppressed.

My opinions and feelings about war aside, I saw clearly how the metaphors of our own inner struggles are laid out in this movie through the overcoming of self-doubt, anger, guilt, self-sacrifice, and fear.

The COURAGE to face our fear and our truth is NECESSARY to move forward in life. Embracing who we truly are sets us free and allows us to step into our true power of creation to be and do what we came here for…whatever that may be. <3