September 22, 2016

Relieving Spiritual Growing Pains

Spiritual growing pains are those unmistakable feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and frustration that keep coming to the forefront of our lives.

We cannot ignore these feelings nor shove them down. We can no longer distract ourselves or pretend that everything is okay when, clearly it’s not.

Spiritual growing pains demand that we look at what is happening around us and where we are in our lives so that we can live up to what we know we are capable of.

Sometimes maddening, these pains can take over our lives and seem impossible to shake. Isolation and giving up can seem like the only options when faced with such madness.

Re-framing these spiritual growing pains as temporary feelings that propel us to new spiritual heights can give us the perspective we need to push forward, KNOWING there are brighter days ahead. They push us to ground, connect, and center our hearts so that we can move in the direction Source is guiding us. If you have been waiting for an answer or a sign…your wait is over.

Metamorphosis Fall Retreat is where you can learn to navigate these spiritual growing pains and have a profound experience with skilled, positive experts in overcoming these challenges. Register here for the Metamorphosis Fall Retreat set for October 8-9 at Habitat House below and prepare for the transition of your life!butterfly-template-for-retreat