July 8, 2016

Are You in a R.E.A.L. Relationship?

Mask off


R.E.A.L. (Resilient, Evolving, Authentic, Loving) Relationships are becoming increasingly sought after. The necessity to cultivate relationships with self and others that have depth and meaning is a natural evolutionary process. If you have consistently had shallow, dependent, chaotic relationships and are ready to change that, you are not alone.

Resilience is strength. The foundation on which you build your relationships will determine the strength and longevity of your relationships. The strongest relationships are those that are built upon authenticity, self-honesty, and courageous communication. Are you clear about how you feel and what you need at any given moment? Do you know what questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck?

Evolution is growth. As we grow individually, we must also grow in our relationships with others. This includes relationships with our co-workers, friends, and family. Growth is inner movement that can happen spontaneously or intentionally and requires adaptability. Growth is change.  Is change scary? Is change exciting? When change is thrust upon you, how do you respond? How easily can you adapt to change?

Authenticity is true-self acceptance. What you believe about yourself at deep levels and what you want is intertwined with what you get. True-self acceptance for all parts of you is the first step to understanding what you have, what you want to keep, and what you want to change.  What do you believe about yourself and the reason you are here?  Can you honestly say you accept yourself for who you are? Can you honestly say you love and accept your body?

Love needs no explanation but it does need defining. Clarity about how you feel, express, and give love are the keys to having the kind of loving relationships you want and deserve. What is your definition of love? When and how do you feel loved the most? If your partner/date feels loved in ways you are not familiar with, are you willing and able to show your love in that way?

By honestly answering these questions, you will uncover parts of yourself that may seem vulnerable and raw but keep diving!  You cannot share what you don’t have and your partner, family, friends, co-workers want to know the REAL you. Allow yourself to shine!