May 13, 2016

Self-Love, Your Key To Authenticity

Why is self-love so important right now?

What’s the difference between self-love and vanity?

Self-love has become one of the most important concepts of our time. The reason for this is because through self-love we can love others more deeply without sacrificing our own needs and desires. Self-love validates who we are and underpins acceptance for ourselves at the deepest level no matter what we have said, done, or thought.

Authenticity goes hand in hand with self-love. Being true to oneself is an aspect of self-love that is crucial to supporting a healthy inner self and awareness.

Self-love looks different for everyone. It is as individual as we are and can remain constant as it shows up differently moment to moment in our world. As paradoxical as that sounds, it’s true. We can consistently show up as our true selves in each moment. Trusting that no matter how we show up, that it is our full intention to be who we are.

Self-love is really about that: showing up as conscious as you can in each moment. Keeping agreements with yourself and others is another way to express self-love.

Exploring self-love in terms of inner alignment with beliefs, thoughts, emotions can facilitate the action that propels you forward.